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Raffaella Vaccari was born in Rimini, she lives and works in both Rimini and Bolzano; her art involves painting, sculpture, Shūfǎ, video and performance.
In 1983 she attended a 4-year-drawing class at the School of Drawing ‘Umberto Folli’ in Rimini, directed by Professor Enzo Berardi. In 1987 she also attended a 4-year-painting class at the same school, studying in specific life female nude.
Since 1990 she has combined her studies of painting with those of clay sculpture,  investigating Raku pottery technique, years later,  with the ceramic artist Gio Urbinati.
From 1994 to 1996 she studied the technique of frescoes with Professor Paolo Castellani, from Pesaro, at the Musei Comunali in Rimini.
In 2004 she studied copper engraving technique in Urbino, with Rossano Guerra,  Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts.
From 2004 to 2010 she attended the following classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rimini:
“Introduction to aesthetics fruition” and  “Art History” taught by Professors Pino Parini and Franca Fabbri.
She follows the aesthetical methodology, on how to read a work of art, of Scuola Operativa Italiana and radical Constructivism. She has been collaborating on these theoretical educational researches with Professor Pino Parini, with whom she founded in 2012 the “Gruppo Operazionista di Ricerca Logonica”.
From 2002 to 2017 she studied with Mrs. Xu Guan Guan, a teacher of taijiquan and Chinese calligraphy (Shūfǎ) both subjects, in a quest to implement Taoist ideology to painting, performance and videos.
She has tried to explore the idea of creativity, bearing in mind the language of the body and the ways in which one relates to space and interacts with the others using the rhythm of the movements, studying Laban principles with the Norwegian artist Ingvild Isaksen.
In 2007 she founded the performing group “Incontrocorrente” and has been directing it in inspiring shows, rich in anthropological allusions.
After attending the workshop on video-narrative technique by the photographer and video maker Roberto Sardo in 2007, she started using videos applied to pictorial images.
In June 2012 her video “Interferenze” (Interferences) was shown at the Mart in Rovereto, during the event “la notte verde al Mart”.
Her video “free hugs” is part of the show “We are Italy” by Emilio Ravel, dedicated to the Region Emilia Romagna, which was broadcast on Rai3 in January 2016.
She worked as the assistant of Professor Massimo Marra at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rimini during the school year 2013/2014, teaching “Theory of Perception”.
She has been teaching painting at UTE (University for Adults) since 2016.
She has been exhibiting her work in galleries, museums and art fairs: Set up art fair Bologna Autostazione, Contemporanea artefiera in Forlì, Museo della città in Rimini, Villa Mussolini in Riccione, Villa Manzoni (Republic of San Marino), Sala del Podestà and Sala dell’Arengo in Rimini, FAR (Fabbrica Arte Rimini), Fabbrica in Gambettola, Galleria la Pigna in Rome, Atelier inVienna (Austria), Chiesetta San Gallo (Venice), Villa Ormond San Remo, Palazzo Albertini in Forlì, Chiesa della Maddalena (Pesaro), Galleria Pescheria in Cesena,  Almandin Show Room Vipiteno (Bolzano), Palazzo Priuli Bon (Venice), Expo 2015 (pavillion IMV - ITALIAN MAKERS VILLAGE Milan), Spazio Atene (Milan), Mart (Rovereto)

Translation Angela Lombardi


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